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Rafa Vázquez, born in Barcelona, studies Cinematographic Direction.

Creator of Baix Films (a production company) and the

Baix Films Festival (a Short Film Festival).

Some of his most outstanding works are the fiction short film Eternity, selected in the Lift-Off Global Network in London (Pinewood Studios 2019) and the Global 1 minute film festival (2020). As screenwriter and director of the short film Me Ahogo, finalist of the festival Gavà Dates (2020), and Karissa, currently in distribution.

Director and executive producer of the Videoclip 'Helen' of the Mad Cartridge group.

Participating as Production Assistant for the Production Company Albiñana Films in several projects of brands such as Wells Fargo or Spectrum.

He has also participated as a member of the jury at the Festival L'Endemà in the 16th edition.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - First-Time Filmmake
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[ Short films - Videoclips - Documentaries ]


If something motivates me to be in this world is the audiovisual. The cinema is my only reality.

I have the pride and satisfaction of having created these short films with wonderful people.

Although cinema is my priority, on the other hand I love to make other types of videos such as: Documentaries and reports, video clips and much more.

If you want to see my work, you are one click away from doing it!


What does Rafa Vázquez do when he is not filming? Well, taking pictures.

I am passionate about capturing unrepeatable moments, compositions, joy, loneliness, feelings.


I work with both analog and digital. Although I certainly have a special affection for analog photography.

Here you have my precious pictures!

Baix Films Festival

Baix Films Festival 2019 

Baix Films Festival is a short film festival. A place where arts such as film, music and dance merge to make an event full of artists from all fields.


From Baix Films we have created this festival to raise awareness of emerging artists, so that together we can help each other grow the cinema and its culture.


Director: Rafa Vázquez.

Organization: Baix Films.

Edition: 2019


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@2020 Rafa Vázquez

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